Debek Real Estate Services is a full service real estate brokerage company with over 20 years experience in the local market.   Owned and operated by Todd Debek.   We provide the professional representation required to successfully market your property while providing sellers a reduced commission.   Absolutely, full service for less.

Real Estate Marketing 101.   Who is going to buy your house?   Where is the buyer going to come from?

Internet exposure is certainly beneficial, and it occurs automatically with representation on the CMLS and MLS.

While signs, advertising & an open house are healthy for the market and generate activity; they will do little or nothing to sell your property.   Does Debek Real Estate provide these services? Of course we do, the difference is we explain that a call in on a sign or ad is a prospect call.   Real estate people love them.   It is their lifeblood.   It is, however, your typical bait and switch.   Only in rare cases will these contacts result in the sale of the subject property.   Buyers typically want to look at a dozen properties.   It just makes sense that to make an educated decision on where you and your family are going to live, you would want to view as much of what is available on the market as possible.   Buyers want and need the advice and guidance of a professional.   Not to mention the enormity of the financial responsibility.   It is for that very reason buyers tend to trust the opinion of a realtor.

The Consolidated Multiple Listing Service of Fairfield County has 6,000 +/- active real estate licensees.   Each market area is generally regional in nature.   Your particular town's number of licensees and general statistics can be accessed through your town page.   No one sales associate, realtor, broker or company has every buyer for every property, but together they can.   When listed, you in actuality are hiring each of them; they are the ones that statistics say will sell your house.   You have no idea when you begin who it will be, and quite frankly, it is irrelevant.

The seller: 1) gives the listing broker the right to sell the property, and 2) gives the listing broker the right to place the property on the MLS. The RE commission is not set by law; it is negotiable between the broker and seller.   RE commissions typically are in the 5% range.   This is commonly split 50/50 between the listing broker and the selling or buyer broker.   This ratio is as well not set by law and is again negotiable between the listing broker and the seller.

A real estate commission typically is set based upon the organization it is intended to sustain.   A large firm has to provide a portion of the commission to pay the: sales person, secretaries, management, local & corporate offices, corporate advertising, ect.; a tremendous amount of overhead.

Commission Schedule Debek Real Estate Services:
        Listing Broker Commission 1%
        Selling/Buyer Broker Commission 2-2.5%

While I do not downplay the importance of a listing broker, I believe the typical compensation is excessive.   The listing broker has a tremendous responsibility to represent the seller's interests, and to guide one through the process in an effective and successful manner.   The difference DebekRES offers over other brokerages are many; the company is specifically geared to do it better for less.   Your total commission cost on your sale will be less than if you were a real estate sales associate yourself!

Much of what occurs in the real estate profession can be tracked or determined based upon statistical analysis.   My company's approach to selling property is based upon understanding and using these statistics to position your property in the market, out of pocket expenses are significantly reduced.

DebekRES is committed to selling your home and will accept nothing but your complete satisfaction.   It will, therefore, allow any contract to be cancelled at any time until a ready willing and able buyer is found for your property.   If you're not happy, I'm not happy, plain and simple. Period.

If you would like, DebekRES also offers exclusive agency contracts as an option for any seller's contract.   This type of contract allows a seller to retain their right to sell their property with no commission due.   Why would I do this? Statistics show that it is unlikely a seller will sell the property.   I know where the buyer will likely come from.

The full service real estate services offered by DebekRES are all time proven to be the best and most effective in selling your home, including certainly, a sign offering the property for sale. (Statistics show signs do not result in offers on a property. Nationally, less than two percent of home sales are a direct result of a sign; it is, however, adviseable, if only for visibility purposes).

Access can be one of the biggest problems to selling; sellers need to reasonably provide it.   The best mechanism for this is the electronic key box.   It can be programmed for timed access convenient to sellers, and keeps a detailed record of each access.

Broker's open houses are a necessary aspect in the selling process, as they are the ones most likely to sell it.   It should be done as soon as the property becomes available.   (Generally 10-20% of local brokers will attend the preview, depending on the property & market area.)

DebekRES places every listing on the CMLS and local MLS with a virtual tour.   This enables a sales person to view the property, and email a listing, complete with virtual tour, to a potential customer.   Your property gets the best and most effective exposure possible. The highest Showcase Listing Status on and every internet real estate site. We give all 6000+ sales associates the best tools to represent your property, even if they have never been there.   Customers can access the same information directly through or countless other websites including this one. The listing has the complete stats on the property in CMLS/MLS format, the virtual tour empowers the local RE sales person to have a more complete picture of your home; as if they were standing in it.

The valuation of your property is one of the key components in listing your property, for a successful sale.   Depending on your town and your particular property, statistics say you generally have a 50% chance of selling your property in 90 days if your list price is within 95% of the ultimate sale price.   For general town market stats., see your town page.   For a market evaluation of your property, simply contact me.   While a relatively new law allows that a fee be charged for a brokers opinion, or similar analysis; mine are free.

The relationship between a real estate professional and a client (seller) or a customer (buyer), is one strictly governed by law in the state of CT. (see page on Laws of Agency)

I am able to offer my services at such a reduced rate because of reduced overhead.   I do not represent a broker that slices up the commission to feed a huge company.   I am the broker.   The buck stops here.   No smoke and mirrors.   No games.   There is a significant amount of money involved; and important decisions to be made.

It is absolutely to your advantage, and I encourage buyers and sellers, to compare the experience, services and commission costs of other real estate professionals.

Give me a call. You will be happy you did!

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