Who is Todd Debek?

Born and raised in Fairfield, CT; I have been a licensed real estate broker working in the local market for over 20 years.   I have done residential development locally for over 12 years.   My father was Anthony Debek, who had numerous real estate holdings in the area.   I was a licensed appraiser for over five years in CT.  

Is Debek Real Estate Service full service?

Absolutely full service.   From the initial consultation to assess your needs, to the closing, I personally guide every step of the transaction.   I have been involved in hundreds of transactions.   I have a 'hands on' management style, and rarely delegate tasks to others.   I exceed the service provided by most brokers.   I take pride in my work and treat all customers and clients equally regardless of service requirements, or asking price.

How much will I save over other companies?

Generally two to three percent in commission cost. The total commission on your sale will be less than if you were a real estate sale associate yourself!'

What other costs can be expected related to closing?

There are several costs: state and local conveyance taxes, attorney, various tax & utility adjustments, commission and several others.   Each situation is unique and my job is to see to the details.   My company's costs are fixed; there are no hidden fees that spring up at closing.

Is there a good time to sell?

Generally speaking, the spring market is traditionally the most active. However, the market as a whole can be looked on as an ever changing animal; there are countless aspects of the local & national economy that can influence it.   The changes that do occur do so subtly and over several months.   Things like: weather, holidays, building starts, employment, cost of funds and the like, all have an influence.   You can't determine with certainty when the ideal time is, you adjust to the market and life's circumstances.

Should I list with a company in town?

Geography is history; and not a factor in listing real estate. Old systems change slowly.   Years ago Multiple Listing Services were town specific; now, when on the Consolidated Multiple Listing Service, you are hiring all 6,000+ agents. Darien, Greenwich and New Canaan still have local MLS boards, as well as the larger blanket CMLS. We list you on all boards appropriate to your location.   The ones most likely to sell your property are working your area; dozens of companies, hundreds of agents.   Any company can list you.   The key is the most effective representation, at the least cost.   We do it more effectively, and for less.

How do rising interest rates affect the market?

I remember when rates were 18 % plus, and properties were still selling.   The very recent past, of having rates at four decade lows, is relatively unprecedented.   I don't see them returning to those levels.   The more expensive money becomes the less buying power one has; this shrinks buyer pools.   Supply and demand says less demand will put pressure on prices.

How do I prepare the house for sale?

It is always a good idea to wash the car before you sell it.   Each property is unique in its requirements, many are common sense, and I am happy to advise.

Will property values continue to appreciate at the same recent pace?

Fairfield County is a strange place that seems to defy the laws of economics at times.   The rest of the country has generally seen more traditional growth, (3-5%).   And I hope for the health of the area a more moderate rate of growth will emerge.   You can't sustain a 100% rate of appreciation in 7-10 years for long.   The market does not definitively say where it is until it has been there for a while, and it is realized.   Gains and losses are only paper until realized.

What is a virtual tour?

A virtual tour is a presentation of the property using a photo image altered by computer software, resulting in an ability to 'tour' the property as if you were standing in it.   An example is on my home page.   Click here to try it out.   Each property listed by Debek RES is placed on the CMLS with one, and up to 8 locations on the property can be represented.

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